welcome pals

Starting a new journey is always exciting. And hence this is one of them. I’m alone at this point of start. Every muse here talks to me, ” am I right? “.

I have to embrace all of them. Because judging ain’t my perspective over any aspect.
This space, ” the bus stop at zaskar ” is a collection of all my muses that comes and goes ; like a bus at the bus stop crossing by but only a passenger is there to go.

Why I took zaskar?

Zaskar or Zanskar is a range in Kargil district adjoining Tibet too. It came randonly , as all new thoughts picks up on a random piece.

So, if my muse comes and goes. And I am the only one who can talk and embrace it for a moment even and it goes.It goes away with a silent rambling, but very calmly.

It’s the same muse, that goes from that bus stop. In that peace, in that silent atmosphere of zaskar.

and here starts, the journey of every muse as passenger from that bus stop.

the zaskar tales…




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