the bundles


We all have bundles of emotions. bundles of joys. bundles of sorrows, bundles of aspirations; like a bundle of incense sticks to fly onto the air.

Are those just the bundles to exist as a bounded human being? Aren’t those bundles to re clarify of what we are and who we are.

I know you haven’t got a word of all above been said.

A tree, trying to grow from the very land. Starts from a withered seed. It fights, never asks or demands. It fights and embraces all the natural elements for living. That bundle of fight makes it inspired to exist.

That bundle of hope in various shades, makes that seed into a tiny and a mighty green creature. So little and happy it sees you while you look at it. It’s the bundle of all qualities, whether permanent or temporary that remains in every object, every creature, every animal and every human being.

The bundles are the attribute. The bundles are glorifying factors to make us such a beautiful human being today..

isn’t it?

What bundle do you carry right now with you?

I have lot to share on it, first let’s start the discussion.
Let’s share the bundles by holding hands and grow together.

( share your bundles here at the form : ) 


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